Book Review – Business Networking: The Survival Guide by Will Kintish

I’ve just written a full review of this book on business networking for Professional Marketing magazine  - and it’s full of praise for this down to earth and immensely practical book (written by an accountant) which reflects all the values and advice that I share with my clients during Read More

10 practical tips for fee and price negotiations

As part of the conflict management training courses and coaching I provide, I have just updated the 40 page resource “Guide to effective communication, conflict management and negotiation for smoother relationships and better outcomes” that I provide to delegates and coaching clients. Whilst much of the training focuses on influence, Read More

Book review: “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie – Still a valuable guide

I first read "How to win friends and influence people" way back in January 1984. That’s nearly 30 years ago (the book was actually written back in 1938). It had a profound effect on me - despite the fact that I am a psychologist and have read thousands of books Read More

Cross cultural communication

In the current edition of Professional Marketing magazine  there’s an article by me on communicating and developing business relationships in multi-cultural  and cross cultural business environments. Three key models are explored and some practical guidance is provided. Due to space limits, the following nine dimensions of cultural leadership competencies from Read More

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