10 takeaways from a workshop on buy-in (Guildford, 2018)

Thanks to Stevens Bolton https://www.stevens-bolton.com/ for hosting a Professional Marketing Forum workshop on buy-in Guildford http://www.pmforum.co.uk/locations/guildford.aspx After a lively session including exercises, discussions and sharing ideas, the delegates selected the following top 10 takeaways: 1. Face-to-face contact A recent HBR report suggested that face-to-face requests were 34 times more likely to Read More

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Be more Jessica Pearson – Nine tips on assertiveness, impact and effectiveness for marketing and BD executives

At a recent assertiveness, impact and effectiveness workshop for marketing and BD executives we considered our various heroes and heroines. Jessica Pearson, managing partner of a fictitious New York law firm in the television series Suits, was considered an exemplar of assertiveness, impact and effectiveness. A good role model because Read More

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How do you make a personal impact? Stand out, speak up and make a difference

How do you make a personal impact? A good first impression and personal impact supports the development of strong business relationships. There are a number of things you can do to make an impact around four topics – how you appear, what drives you, what you say (and how) and Read More

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Strategy basics – Mintzberg

I’ve written a fair amount about strategy (see the links below) but I thought it might be worth going back to some basics. So here's some strategy basics -Mintzberg (who I often talk about in training sessions in the context of emergent strategy). In 1987, he  provided five Ps for Read More

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