November 2, 2018|Kim's Blog, Management Skills|
psychological ideas that employers, recruiters and HR people

An article about the ten psychological ideas that employers, recruiters and HR people need to know has just been published in the world-leading recruiting and talent acquisition blog Undercover Recruiter. Almost half a million people read Undercover Recruiter every month.

The article describes the following ideas:

  1. Cognitive bias
  2. Non-Verbal Communication (NVC)
  3. First impressions
  4. Rapport and trust
  5. Mind set
  6. Personality
  7. Emotional intelligence (EQ)
  8. Motivation
  9. Coaching and counselling
  10. Feedback

Read the full article here:

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More information on the book “Better Business Relationships” is here


Endorsements for Better Business Relationships

“Occasionally you come across books that are timely, utterly important and overdue. This is one of them. Better Business Relationships is packed with useful advice which is well written and remarkably thoughtful.” Clive Lewis OBE, DL Business Psychologist; CEO, Globis Mediation Group (@GlobisLtd)

“Better Business Relationships is a book for our time. Tasso captures a moment in our evolution where we could all do with refocusing back on what really matters: people.” Dr Sean Tompkins (D.Eng.), Global CEO, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (@RICSchiefexec)

“Business leaders must be able to build real and meaningful connections with their clients, teams and communities – otherwise, are they really leaders? Better Business Relationships is a timely, thought-provoking and engaging read.” Paul J English, Global Leader, Markets & Clients, Grant Thornton (@GrantThornton)

“Kim explodes the myth that business relationships have to be cool and free of emotion. Her distilled wisdom and practical checklists show how best to enhance our natural human ability to communicate with others for mutual benefit.” Richard Chaplin, Founder & Chief Executive, Managing Partners’ Forum (@MPFGlobal)

“This book is an engaging read, written in a no-nonsense style and packed with helpful, practical tools and tips for building and maintaining effective business relationships.” Dr Kathryn Waddington, Course Leader MSc Business Psychology, University of Westminster (@UoWPsych)

“For anyone whose business depends upon not only building, but maintaining and developing business relationships, this book is a must read.” Chris Pullen, Business Development Director, EY Law (@EY_UKI)

“Business relationships are not the same as social ones, requiring different skills and knowledge. Tasso provides a useful overview of theories, ranging from non-verbal communication, attitudes to change, creating rapport and why relationships sour.” Kiran Kapur, CEO, Cambridge Marketing College (@cmcpointsofview)