Book review: Inbound marketing – Getting found using Google, social media and blogs

I have just finished writing a book review, which will appear in a future edition of Professional Marketing magazine, on the book “Inbound marketing – Getting found using Google, social media and blogs” which is one of the CIM’s standard texts for its Digital Marketing diploma (along with ‘Understanding Digital Read More

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Part one – Why? Twitter for lawyers, accountants and surveyors

Web 2.0. Social networks. Social marketing. There’s lots of jargon – and hype – about it all. Most senior professionals will associate things such as Myspace and Facebook with their teenage kids and dismiss them from consideration as serious business tools. So here, in part one, I ask the question Read More

Non intrusive marketing

I have just read a great Alumni Briefing Paper on "Non intrusive marketing" (some call this Web 2.0 marketing or Inbound Marketing) from Cambridge Marketing College – (where I lecture on the marketing communications diploma courses) – it provides a great introduction to the subject. It explains that non Read More

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