Effective marketing and relationship management on a low budget

Posted on: December 7, 2011

I wrote a chapter on this topic for Ark Publication’s “Best Practices in Legal Marketing” which was published last month.

The article is written for lawyers in smaller firms who do not have the cash resources of their bigger competitors and provides ideas on how to market smarter rather than harder. The ideas below are then explored:

  • Clarity over aims and strategies
  • Concentrate on a niche
  • Develop a new service
  • Improve focus
  • Scope the budget
  • Develop existing client and referrer relationships
  • Run satisfaction surveys
  • Improve databases
  • Develop basic materials
  • Procure cost effective, expert help
  • Generate publicity
  • Use thought leadership
  • Get lawyers networking
  • Present events
  • Craft collaborative events
  • Explore webinars and videos
  • Let young lawyers be social
  • Enhance your web site
  • Use social media (carefully)


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