At this year’s Professional Marketing Conference I’ve been teamed up with Kevin Doolan  who is a partner at law firm Eversheds with responsibility for managing major client relationships and business development training. Prior to joining the management team in 2001, Kevin obtained an MBA at Henley. He negotiated the sole firm relationship with Tyco across 30+ countries, serving as the first client partner. He also teaches at Harvard Law School as a Visiting Professor.

The conference theme is “Who do you want to serve? – choosing the right proposition for your firm” and we are facilitating the overview session below. Please let me know if you have any case studies or examples that you are happy to share.

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How does the marketing team drive the new client agenda?

Financial Times / MPF research shows that when selecting an adviser, an essential precondition for clients is that they perceive “a well-managed firm”.  What does this mean for marketing and what is its role in ensuring that “the new client agenda” is achieved by integrating strategic marketing and relationship management?

  • Clarity on position – What is your market and your message?
  • Create the proposition – How do management, HR, information systems, pricing and brand align to create the right client experience?
  • Deliver the promise – What do your people say and how do they behave across all client touch points?
  • Maintain sustainable relationships – How do you measure the value clients receive? And the impact on profitability?