Davitt Jones Bould, the specialist real estate law firm, has launched DJB Learning which is a new and free learning resource for legal and property professionals in order to achieve their CPD.

The learning and development portal has information on a number of topics:

  • Technical knowledge
    • Real estate law, knowledge for surveyors, legal research skills, IT skills
  • Professional skills
    • Ethics and professionalism, personal learning and development, problem solving, decision making, communication and presentation skills, negotiation skills, plan and progress cases and instructions, client care
  • Business management
    • Business planning/strategy, leadership, accounting and finance, marketing and business development, business processes and systems, sustainability
  • Regulatory and compliance
    • For solicitors, for surveyors, Anti-Money laundering, information management, fraud protection, equality and diversity, Anti-Slavery
  • Record CPD (Solicitors and Surveyors)

In each section there are links resources such as articles, reports, blogs and videos. The title, source, a brief summary, the duration and the date is provided alongside the link. This site is fully compatible with the SRA continuing competence framework and covers a large part of the RICS CPD requirements.

Peter Allinson, CEO of DJB said: “The DJB brand is synonymous with high quality legal work and service as evidenced by our recent shortlisting in the Estates Gazette Awards as the Real Estate Legal Team of the Year 2017. This quality comes from hiring experienced lawyers (currently averaging 20 years PQE) and investing heavily in their training and development.  The DJB Learning Portal was created to give all real estate lawyers, surveyors and professionals a centralised training database with resources for their own continuous improvement.”

Information from a variety of credible sources is included such as Cambridge Judge Business School, Chartered Institute of Management, College of Estate Management, Cranfield School of Management, Harvard Business Review, Imperial College Business School, LSE Business Review, McKinsey, RICS, SRA, The Law Society, Lexis Nexis, Mindtools, Oxford University, Solicitors Journal, TED and Thompson Reuters. And naturally the firm has included some of its seminars and lecture notes in the portal. I’m also delighted to say that many of my materials – articles, blogs and books – are also included in the site.

Chris Kerr, Marketing Executive at DJB said; ““Kim Tasso is a leading authority on professional service firm marketing, business development and management so we are delighted that she has agreed to be a key contributor to the Portal.”

Personally, as well as having curated and delivered an excellent learning resource I think it is also a very skilled piece of marketing and relationship management by DJB. It is sometimes hard to differentiate and provide real value to clients and referrers but with the learning portal, DJB has met a need for its property sector clients and referrers and is saving them money. In addition, it provides DJB with a strong value proposition to open the door and initiate conversations without a hard sell with legal and property professionals in private practice and in-house.

Sign up to the DJB learning portal here https://www.djblearning.co.uk/

CPD and CPE systems for lawyers, surveyors and marketers are compared here: http://kimtasso.com/continuing-professional-development-cpd-lawyers-and-marketers/

Further information about DJB is shown here http://www.djblaw.co.uk/