Social Media in Business Development and Relationship Management: A Guide for Lawyers

This review and appreciation of “Social media in business development and relationship management: A guide for lawyers” (author Kim Tasso and publisher Globe Law and Business) is by Elizabeth Robson Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers and Phillip Taylor MBE, Head of Chambers and Reviews Editor, “The Barrister”.

“Globe Law and Business excel with their special reports directed specifically at core business workers in the legal world at a time of technological change. This new guide from Kim Tasso has the intriguing title of “Social Media in Business Development and Relationship Management.

What management consultant Tasso provides for us here is a practical, hands-on introduction to social media for lawyers at a time when the issue is rising very fast up the political agenda.

By avoiding technical details and jargon, this report “offers a pragmatic guide on how all lawyers – irrespective of industry sector, firm size or client base – can successfully integrate social media into their marketing, business development and client relationship management programmes”. In our view it is just what is required whilst social media becomes a more established part of the promotional policy of law firms and chambers.

What the report gives us, as lawyers, is essential contemporary information on the benefits and risks of social media in the legal sector at a time of crucial change. Tasso examines the social media platforms used by many law firms including very well-known ones such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

The author also gives us a useful overview of those less frequently used platforms – enabling us to make an informed choice in what can be confusing subject-matter for older professionals and those seeking a much better understanding of how this media actually works.

We found the practical advice given for setting up and using social media “as an integral part of a lawyer’s business development activity” to be particularly helpful for modern practice.

The report also offers guidance on how to write what she calls “great blogs and social media posts”, and how your business might integrate social media into a structured content management plan which will support the business development objectives you have set yourselves.

The report also examines how central systems, technology and support can be tailored to ensure that social media will promote an effective part of a firm’s business development programs to grow your business against fierce competition in the post-Brexit 21st century.

In addition to members of the legal profession at any level of expertise, we think that the advice given here makes essential reading for marketing and human resource professionals in law firms who need to ensure the effective and sustainable use of social media for their medium and longer-term development plans.

We found that Tasso offers original and compelling advice on how you can understand and benefit from what was originally a trendy craze but is now an important business tool”.

The report was published in paperback on 30th November 2018. Further details: