Book review: “Range – How generalists triumph in a specialized world” by David Epstein

“Range – How generalists triumph in a specialized world” by David Epstein – provided both great comfort and sparked inspiration on a number of people development initiatives. If you, like me, have sometimes worried that your multiple professions and experiences in numerous industries left you vulnerable to the appeal of Read More

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Change management: Your personal transition – Endings, neutral zone and new beginnings

Following my short video on the emotions during major changes, many people said they are feeling disoriented and disconnected during lock down. It’s no surprise as the changes have been immense and the impact of isolation is underestimated. But I recall – from my work as a psychologist and coach Read More

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Boost business development success with coaching

Training provides the relevant knowledge for lawyers, accountants and surveyors to know what they need to do to develop more business – whether through marketing, selling or relationship management. Coaching provides one-to-one support to help them develop the motivation, confidence and skills to apply that knowledge to their particular markets Read More

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Be more visible – the PVI model

At workshops on assertiveness, personal brand development and getting promoted we often talk about the need to be more visible – especially if you work from home, a distant office location or are in a virtual team. I often share the PIA model . The PVI model was developed by Joel Garfinkle Read More

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