Getting what you want and how to say “No” – Assertiveness skills

In many of the courses I run for the Professional Marketing Forum, the topic of assertiveness arises. Sometimes this relates to people needing the confidence to speak up and share ideas or to challenge requests. Often it relates to finding ways to decline or modify inappropriate requests – how Read More

2017-03-15T10:10:31+00:00March 15, 2017|Kim's Blog, Management Skills, Relationship Management|

10 tips on price communications for professionals

When I talk to professionals about price communications there appears to be some confusion between two separate activities. First, there needs to be a pricing strategy – I’ve addressed this in various blogs (see, for example, - which might include premium pricing for a skimming strategy or a lower price Read More

2016-04-28T11:56:04+01:00April 28, 2016|Kim's Blog, Marketing, Selling, Strategy|

Legal market research – Perceptions and needs of consumers and small businesses

I regularly facilitate a public training session for CLT on “Client care, service excellence and retention” During the workshop we spend time considering various legal market research reports. I have blogged a lot about commercial client research and the needs of general counsel in the past (see the related Read More

2016-04-24T12:37:49+01:00April 24, 2016|Kim's Blog, Lawyers, Marketing, Statistics and trends|
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