PM Forum Conference – Laurie Young on “An alternative to commoditisation” and Andy Bounds on selling skills

Each year I go along to the PM Forum Annual Conference although this year I was co-presenting a workshop session with Peter Abraham of e-consultancy on “Using social media in (new) relationship development” pursuing our interest in social media in the role of selling in the professions (We are producing Read More

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Professional selling tips

Talking with some accountants the other day about their recent sales experiences reminded me of a number of tips for more effective professional selling. Continuance or progression? - These are important concepts for those who have contacts that they see on a regular basis but find, rather frustratingly, that they are Read More

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Architecture and construction – marketing and selling architecture and construction professional services

I have just written a review of this book on marketing and selling architecture and construction professional services by Basil Sawczuk (an architect turned business development director) which will appear in a forthcoming issue of Professional Marketing magazine. The book provides a really good basic introduction with lots of examples, Read More

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Facilitating the perfect lunch or dinner discussion (Relationship and referrer management)

Roundtables, where you invite a series of guests along to talk over lunch or dinner, are a great way to generate publicity (if you invite a journalist to discuss a topical issue) and effective at subtly promoting your firm whilst helping your existing and potential clients and referrers network and Read More

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