I spied a small piece in the Standard the other day reporting on the new survey for The Architect’s Journal of the top 100 practices. It seems there are grim times in the architecture market – although the comments indicate that it is less grim that it was. It reported:

  • There are just 5,825 architects now employed by top 100 practices (1,000 less than last year)
  • The top 20 practices now employ 2,648 architects (small decrease from 2,832 in 2010).
  • Practices appearing in the last two years’ rankings employ almost 1,000 fewer UK-based architects than they did two years ago. However only 200 of these jobs were shed during the past year.
  • The biggest firm – BDP – only employs 295 architects
  • The smallest practice employs 22 qualified architects, a fall from a peak of 30 in 2008
  • The number of architects working overseas amongst the AJ100 firms is 5,799 despite the survey revealing a fall in overseas fees of 18 %
  • It’s rare that they earn over £37,000 pa

See the full Architect’s Journal article at http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/daily-news/-aj100-practices-shed-fewer-jobs/8614315.article?referrer=RSS