Cash IS King and deserves respect – from everyone

One of the national newspapers is currently running a campaign to encourage big businesses to pay their bills on time with a proposed eight point plan to help the UK's 4.7m small and medium sized enterprises. As an MBA with a long career advising businesses, the concept of "Cash is Read More

2013-07-25T10:20:31+01:00November 11, 2008|Kim's Blog|

WANTED – Men between 25 to 40 years

No. This isn't an attempt at on-line dating but a comment on the challenges of selling. I gave up my Saturday evening to help out a friend of mine who is a member of Roundtable and who has invested a huge amount of his time and energy developing the West Read More

2013-07-25T10:18:28+01:00November 9, 2008|Kim's Blog|
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