Intapp leads the way with client lifecycle management (CLM) solution

In May I went along to the Intapp conference in London. I’ve written about the Intapp Professional Services Cloud before – it spans intelligent client development, unified business acceptance (conflict checking during client on-boarding) and client delivery (especially its support for pricing). But what struck me most at the recent conference was the way that Intapp is revolutionising data integrity and reporting in its client lifecycle management (CLM) solution. 

Integrated premium content

Intapp is integrated with Dun & Bradstreet sales intelligence information ( . So it can import corporate information and organisational trees automatically. It also links to Manzama news services to provide up-to-date business information and AI-powered market analytics.

Other content partners include: Bureau Van Dijk, WorldCheck, Accuity, and S&P Capital IQ.

At the conference, Intapp announced that it has acquired OnePlace, a cloud-based client lifecycle management (CLM) technology which is used by many professional service firms. OnePlace supports users in prospecting, campaign management, bid management, proposal generation, directory submissions, referral management, maturing relationships, cross-selling, client surveys, exception management, risk management and key account management (KAM).

Super CLM

The Intapp client development solution is based on DealCloud which was designed for the complex relationships within the financial services industry (used by 500 financial institutions) and supports the sort of relationship intelligence needed by professional service firms.

Relationship maps

Users particularly like the relationship map visualisation (both visual heat maps and Sankey diagrams showing proportional flows) which extend beyond “known by” contacts.

Trendline reporting spots issues with client relationships early. The Rainmaker Alert contacts fee-earners when relationships are trending down. Event triggers can be associated with key client relationships based on the last contact date.

Data scraping

Leveraging the enterprise relationship management capability of Gwabbit (acquired by Intapp in March 2019) the system automatically scrapes information (with 96% accuracy) from email signatures (saving time and errors from manual data entry) and can therefore identify where there is most interaction and provides advanced relationship scoring.

Smart lists

By integrating internal and external information and analysing relationships (filtered by geography and function if required), Intapp can prepare smart lists for fee-earner vetting. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse activity and identify unmined or neglected relationships.

Automatic reporting

I liked the sound of tear sheets and “Uber reports”. Using an Outlook plug-in, Intapp identifies automatically from calendar systems that a call or meeting is imminent and prepares a summary of recent activity with the relevant individuals. It’s called an Uber report as it is the sort of document that can be read in a taxi on the way to a meeting to provide a timely and succinct update. I recalled the short and long form update reports prepared by a leading property company.

There are also facilities to create rich client profiles including client data, narratives, matter and complex work, and associated fee-earners.

Integration with marketing systems

Intapp also fully integrates with popular marketing automation systems such as Vuture (see and Concep (

Unified client management

There was a great graphic showing how Intapp provides support for fee-earners throughout the entire client lifecycle: from strategy and targeting, market development, opportunities and pursuits, through to new business intake, conflicts of interest, client terms, budgeting and resourcing, time and project management, and billing and collections. This is integration par excellence.

It also enables you to create a view of the data depending on your role within the firm – whether that is in marketing, business development or as a fee-earner.

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