Netz - targeting high net worth private clients

Following a networking introduction from a lawyer at Keystone Law (Thank you!) I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Bertele, former adviser at UBS and director of start-up company NETZ. We had a chat and a demo of the system at the WeWork co-working base in the City of London. NETZ provides a consultancy service, lead generation and a lead intelligence system for those targeting high net worth private clients.

Whilst the system is primarily being used to help with lead generation and client intelligence in the financial advice sector (wealth managers, IFAs, private equity funds etc) for those seeking to promote mortgage, pensions and investment services it became immediately apparent that it would be valuable for lawyers, accountants and other professional advisers targeting high net worth private clients.

There are two parts to the service.

The first is a lead generation service. Yes, you effectively outsource your lead generation so you don’t have to invest in your own inbound and outbound marketing activities. Once you have given your ‘ideal lead’ criteria to NETZ (for example, HNWs based in London, aged 40-60 years, with over £100K to invest and are looking for investment advice or HNWs seeking pensions or mortgage advice etc) they agree to send you the required number of leads on a regular basis. Each lead is ‘warm’ meaning the HNW has indicated he/she would like to speak to a professional advisor. It’s also possible to obtain leads of “ultra” high net worths. You pay on the basis of how many leads you receive.

The second part of the system is the client intelligence service. An online platform that provides you with background information about individuals helping you to build context around a HNW, find engagement triggers to have meaningful conversations and build immediate rapport. But have no fear – as they obtain all the information from public sources there’s no worries about Data Protection and privacy issues.

And technophobes be reassured – the system is ridiculously easy to use – just type in the name of the individual and then select the relevant tab. Information includes:

  • Career – Past and current jobs and organisations
  • Insights – The ‘gold dust’ and probably the most valuable source of information for identifying potential contact routes and promoting early rapport. Information includes interests, personal achievements, birthday, nationality, family and estimated wealth (they use their own algorithm so it is more accurate than what many journalists use for wealth league tables).
  • Directorships – Past and present
  • Updates – Information from their social feeds such as Twitter (Social selling is a big thing in the United States at present)
  • News – Any articles or mentions in the media
  • Notes – Where you can type your own notes and create your own “black book”

NETZ plans to integrate the two systems – lead generation and lead intelligence – onto one platform in the future. The pricing for the intelligence platform at present is extremely reasonable on a monthly subscription basis.

So if you are still struggling with establishing a credible CRM system at your firm – and, more importantly, populating it with reliable, comprehensible data – then NETZ might be the tool you need to get you up and running.

However, you will still need advice from your marketing and business development professionals on how to develop and implement your lead nurturing and relationship management campaign which might include a content management plan, webinars and YouTube clips, a high value events programme and sales support in making initial contact.

Further details are shown at or follow their Twitter account @netz_UK