Estates Gazette Property Marketing Summit 2017 – Goals, Digital, Innovation, Content, Video and Experience

I went along to the annual Estates Gazette Property Marketing Summit last week. It’s been reduced from a full day programme to half a day and two discussion panels dominated the programme although there were some real gems in the other presentations. The focus was on marketing physical properties rather Read More

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Presentation skills – Preparing the content and delivery

Whether part of sales or pitching training or for standalone presentations for seminars and conferences I conduct many in-house training sessions on presentation skills. Yesterday, I delivered a training session on pitching for the PM Forum (  and there was a request for general presentation skills guidance during that course. Read More

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Book review: TED Talks – The official TED guide to public speaking by Chris Anderson (Presentation skills)

TED’s mission is to nurture the spread of powerful ideas. Anyone who has seen a TED talk knows that they are expert, entertaining, often emotional and always compelling. And never more than 18 minutes. So while many business presentations might not be suitable for the full TED treatment, there must Read More

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7 tips to being a great conference chair

Agreeing to be the chair of a conference or seminar might be good for raising your profile (and that of your firm) and positioning you as an expert, but it can also be a bit of an own goal if you don’t get it right. There’s so much more to Read More

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