Enquiry management: Converting more telephone enquiries with basic sales training

At a “Business development for lawyers” course a while back the topic that the delegates asked me to write about was that of converting telephone enquiries. More recently, at a practice development course for private client solicitors, the same issue arose and other insights were shared at a recent in-house Read More

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Fabulous First Meetings – 16 selling insights

My first book, published in 2000, was on selling skills so it gives me great pleasure to sometimes indulge my passion and provide sales training. I recently completed a series of short in-house training sessions for a property client on “Fabulous First Meetings” where we covered a range of selling Read More

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Book review: Let’s get real or let’s not play – The demise of dysfunctional selling and the advent of helping clients succeed (Mahan Khalsa)

I reviewed this book (Let's get real or let's not play - The demise of dysfunctional selling) back in March 2003 for Professional Marketing magazine http://www.pmforum.co.uk/magazine/index.aspx but as a couple of people have asked about Frank Covey sales techniques lately I thought it was worth digging it out again. As well Read More

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