I’ve just written a full review of this book on business networking for Professional Marketing magazine http://www.pmforum.co.uk/magazine/  – and it’s full of praise for this down to earth and immensely practical book (written by an accountant) which reflects all the values and advice that I share with my clients during training sessions on selling and networking.

Book contents

Part 1 – Before the event

•             The invitation

•             Your LinkedIn profile

•             How to prepare for an event

Part 2 – During the event

•             What to do on arrival

•             How to break the ice

•             How to move on

•             Dealings with groups

•             Managing rejection

•             Building relationships

Part 3 – After the event/following up

•             Reviewing your new connections

•             Reconnecting by phone

•             Using LinkedIn to create more business and career opportunities

•             Meeting again

•             Maintaining relationships

Part 4 – Final words

•             Why networking matters

  • Understanding how to network with the opposite sex