I’ve written before about the power of three when developing a persuasive presentation. See, for example, a review of a book on the topic http://kimtasso.com/book-review-presentation-book-create-shape-deliver-emma-ledden/

I’ve also written before about value propositions which are important for differentiating and persuading in the selling process – http://kimtasso.com/faq/what-is-a-value-proposition-or-usp-and-how-do-i-create-one/

And during networking training I’ve also mentioned the SHREK model for developing interesting personal introductions:

  • Say who you are
  • Hook – any connection to make it warm
  • Reason statement – what you do with an example for similar organisations
  • Effect – specific fact or example with value of benefit
  • Key question

I also suggest thinking of the three “tip of the tongue” messages that you would like to be known or famous for.

But the other day, when working with some senior lawyers, I demonstrated my own 3 x 3 model which makes it easy to tailor my introduction – answering questions about what I do and with whom and how and why – to a variety of different situations…

1. I work with:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Accountants and
  3. Surveyors

2. My background is in:

  1. Psychology
  2. Marketing/Business Development and
  3. Strategy

3. Through consulting, training and writing I help clients:

  1. Tackle business challenges
  2. Change and
  3. Grow

They liked it so much that I thought I ought to share.