The future agenda for marketing in the professions?

At the recent Professional Marketing Forum conference  I was asked to facilitate a session with Kevin Doolan of Eversheds on “How does the marketing team drive the new client agenda?” - and consider the future agenda for marketing in the professions. The topic was selected by Richard Chaplin of the Managing Partners Read More

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Use the 6Rs to generate more referrals – Referrer management

For lawyers, accountants and surveyors in a network of offices, the challenge of generating referrals (cross-selling) will be all too familiar. Extend the network into strategic alliances and across other firms and the problem is compounded. Referrer management is an important but tricky activity. It’s a multi-faceted issue, and there is Read More

Modern manners and the new “professionalism” – Reliability or flexibility?

Imagine the situation. You have committed to meet someone to discuss a potentially valuable initiative. It is likely that the person you are meeting has arranged their diary to fit your meeting into their busy schedule. You are very busy with a variety of client and internal projects. Do you Read More

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