Managing teams and virtual teams – 13 top tips

Managing teams and virtual teams was the topic generating most interest at a recent Future Marketing Manager course (see In professional service firms, there are all manner of temporary campaign groups, cross-departmental teams to support sector based initiatives and virtual teams for major firm-wide projects. Sometimes the team members Read More

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Are you ready to change? Remember the change process

The start of a New Year usually finds people all fired up and determined to change. Usually it’s about personal fitness and health but often it’s about business change. But are you or your people really ready to change? Leaders and coaches would do well to remember that there are Read More

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Change management book review: “Switch: How to change things when change is hard” by Chip and Dan Heath

I’ve just written a review of this book for Professional Marketing magazine I’ve read many books on change management before but this one comes with a really big recommendation. It’s quick, easy and inspiring to read. And the few lessons – illustrated beautifully with great success stories from all Read More

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The message for managers – Management education, thinking environment and feedback

During the management education course I was running today at the fabulous training centre at the Institute of Director hub at Old Broad Street House, we spent some time contemplating good management (which is not the same as good leadership) and considered a number of interesting issues. Amongst them was Read More

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