10 key points all about buy-in in professional services (Manchester and Dublin 2019)

I was delighted to present at the North West Region group of Professional Marketing Forum http://www.pmforum.co.uk/locations/north-west.aspx in Manchester all about buy-in in professional services recently. The lunchtime session was hosted by PwC (thanks to regional chair Rachel Kelly and the committee for organising). And it was fantastic that over 60 Read More

Making an impact, influence and persuasion

Stephanie Hughes led an interactive session on "Making an impact, influence and persuasion" for an early evening event for Professional Marketing Forum http://www.pmforum.co.uk/ in London recently. Stepanie has been a concert pianist and a radio and television presenter. She is an experienced consultant and coach. Bring energy into the room Read More

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Pick up the phone – Creating better business relationships with telephones

I’ve done training sessions on inbound telephone calls to improve client service and enhance conversion rates (see, for example, http://kimtasso.com/managing-client-service-surveying-property-partnerships/). I’ve done workshops on outbound calls for cold calling (http://kimtasso.com/sales-selling-tips-11-point-plan-cold-calling/). But I was recently asked to cover the topic of outbound calls to existing contacts and clients to enhance business relationships Read More

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Book review: How to be great at the stuff you hate: The straight talking guide to persuading, networking and selling By Nick Davies

I’ve just finished writing a detailed review of this book "How to be great at the stuff you hate: The straight talking guide to persuading, networking and selling" which will appear shortly in PM magazine. Here are some headline thoughts and a few more personal observations. Any book which starts Read More

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