Referrer and intermediary management – Internal information systems

At recent referrer and intermediary management training sessions the topic of information systems to was discussed. Whilst there is a host of excellent technology solutions available to larger firms, some within integrated accounts systems and others in standalone CRM systems, many professionals prefer to get the relevant behaviours established and Read More

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Use the 6Rs to generate more referrals – Referrer management

For lawyers, accountants and surveyors in a network of offices, the challenge of generating referrals (cross-selling) will be all too familiar. Extend the network into strategic alliances and across other firms and the problem is compounded. Referrer management is an important but tricky activity. It’s a multi-faceted issue, and there is Read More

Strategic drift – a risk for partnerships

In most of the courses I teach and the coaching provided to senior lawyers, accountants and surveyors I talk about the importance of having a firm-wide strategy. Even if it is merely an “umbrella strategy” of overall parameters about how the equity partners hope that the firm will develop and Read More

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