Thought leadership lecture for Laurie Young – The future of the professions

On Monday evening I attended the Inaugural Lecture for Laurie at Allen & Overy’s offices where there main speakers were Richard Susskind and his son Daniel. James Luke from IBM was also interviewed and there was a panel discussion with representatives from Allen & Overy, The Law Society, the Institute Read More

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The pricing (and value) of legal services

Despite its crucial importance in driving profitability and competitiveness, and its centrality in the marketing mix, it’s surprising that there is not a lot of published material about how law firms (and other professions) price their services. The hourly rate Until recently, the hourly rate (and it’s best friend the Read More

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Legal products – Commoditising and innovating

At the 360 Legal Conference earlier this month I presented a short paper on this topic and here are some of the key points I covered. Please let me know if you would like further details. Specsavers is one of the UK’s superbrands. Along with its other major chain rivals Read More

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The end of lawyers? Richard Susskind

I have just finished writing a review of Richard’s book “The end of lawyers? Rethinking the nature of legal services” (it will be published in Professional Marketing magazine later on this year). The review provides a summary of the book – which I feel should be essential reading for those Read More

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