Task, tool and message?

As I draw to the conclusion of this term's various lecturing commitments for the CIM marketing communication diploma classes that I teach, my students are preparing their assignments. One of the key concepts that underpins most of what is taught in this course is the relationship between task, tool and Read More

2013-07-25T12:27:08+01:00March 9, 2009|Kim's Blog, Management Skills, Marketing|

Consultancy fee rates

I read with interest an article in the press in the week - it related to the £7bn that the Government spends each year on consultants and external advisers (excluding those on IT projects which is estimated at a further £4.5bn pa). It showed the typical rates charged: £1,750 Managing Read More

2013-07-25T12:25:22+01:00March 7, 2009|Kim's Blog, Statistics and trends|
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