Professional selling tips

Talking with some accountants the other day about their recent sales experiences reminded me of a number of tips for more effective professional selling. Continuance or progression? - These are important concepts for those who have contacts that they see on a regular basis but find, rather frustratingly, that they are Read More

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Business Development Checklist for Junior Professionals

I am often asked to run short training sessions at legal, accountancy and surveying practices with the aim of helping young professionals start their business development activities in support of the firm’s marketing and business development programmes. Here is a summary of some of the ideas provided: Be a good Read More

Facilitating the perfect lunch or dinner discussion (Relationship and referrer management)

Roundtables, where you invite a series of guests along to talk over lunch or dinner, are a great way to generate publicity (if you invite a journalist to discuss a topical issue) and effective at subtly promoting your firm whilst helping your existing and potential clients and referrers network and Read More

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