One more time – Why is social media helpful for lawyers, accountants and surveyors?

I am still incredulous at all the hysteria and cynicism when it comes to the subject of social media and the professions. And I am more than a little bit fed up dealing with the confusion that is caused by it amongst ordinary professionals who are just trying to run Read More

CubeSocial – Personal conversation management rather than Corporate client relationship management?

In many marketing and BD teams, the focus is on managing large, central client or CRM databases into which everyone enters their clients, referrers, contacts and activities so that some sort of co-ordination, planning and tracking can take place. But many lawyers, accountants and surveyors continue to resist using such Read More

Delegates’ views of the new course: Inbound Marketing and Social media

Back in June I presented the first course from PM Forum on “Inbound Marketing and Social Media”. You can download the PDF description here: Whilst the session was split into two parts – the first dealing with the technology and tools (academic and commercial perspectives) and the second focusing on Read More

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