Marketing in a time of Coronavirus – Pragmatic ideas

“Love in a time of Cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez is a great book. It reflects many themes we are experiencing today such as the Coronavirus plague and the attempts to maintain relationships across great distances. So what about marketing in a time of Coronavirus? Once professional service firms transitioned Read More

Marketing planning in a nutshell

I provide many public training courses on marketing planning in a nutshell. But questions about marketing planning arise in many other public and in-house training courses on business development, referrer management and social selling. And of course people ask me for a standard marketing plan template. But it’s rarely as Read More

Accountancy marketing case study – Grant Thornton and Lexis® Interaction® aligning partner KPIs with business objectives

At the recent PM Forum conference, I picked up an accountancy marketing case study from technology suppliers there about the use of marketing technology by accountancy firm Grant Thornton. The Senior Executive – CRM, Marketing and Business Development talks about the use of the CRM solution amongst the 200 partners Read More