Passle content creation and distribution

Long ago, before the digital revolution, I wrote a book on media relations and how leading experts in professional services could build their media profile to become the “rock star” of a niche. Since then, the digitisation of communications and understanding of thought leadership have made this strategy commonplace – it’s all about content creation and distribution. Passle provides a turbo-charge for the social-selling process – enabling knowledge-rich, time-poor professionals to demonstrate their expertise online. I wrote about this challenge recently

Content management pyramid

Passle supports the hub in the content management pyramid. (Hero = Large scale projects such as books, research reports or thought leadership White Papers, Hub = Regular, timely and expert-led content, Hygiene = Always available content such as that on the web site).

As well as enabling experts to get their content out quickly and easily, dominate their niche to become the go-to expert, Passle also supports strong SEO performance and builds web traffic.

So what does Passle do?

Writing a 300-600 word blog – starting with a blank sheet of paper – can be too arduous and time-consuming for a busy expert. But many experts are happy to comment on, select and curate or add their opinion to a topical news item or valuable content provided by others. Passle lets them do this easily. And on their phone. And in less than 10 minutes. So it’s an important content creation and distribution tool – helping achieve significant amplification of key messages.

Posting with Passle

When the expert has found something of interest (an article, a blog post, a video etc), they select a short extract, press the Passle button and it prompts them to write a headline, as little as just 100-300 words of content  and some tags. Passle automatically grabs the URL which appears below the commentary alongside the extract and open graph image.

The blog appears on their Passle insight page (usually a sub-domain linking to their web site) and gives options for it to be simultaneously shared on LinkedIn (status updates as well as Groups), Twitter, Facebook and Google+

It also means that if there is a major piece of Hero content, they can regularly and easily repurpose and recycle key elements of that content to sustain an ongoing thought leadership campaign.

Passle provides detailed statistics on who has read and shared the content which is highly motivating to the expert author. There’s also an option to include an approval stage if you want some central control over who posts what and when.

Newsletters with Passle

Passle also provides the facility to quickly and easily extract the best performing recent Passle posts and compile a newsletter – to provide either a communications route to those who don’t use social media and/or to provide content through a different channel to the same or a different audience.

These newsletters can also be developed for the internal audience to support internal communication, internal advocacy and cross-selling initiatives.

Measurable results

As well as “shining a light” on the content from experts, users of Passle (there are case studies on the site) can cite some impressive results. Some becoming the go-to expert within a few months, others mentioning the number of leads generated for each set of Passle posts.

Naturally, the marketing and business development folk are still needed in the background – agreeing the overall strategy and crafting a campaign plan against which all the content is created and distributed. But it means that the experts are then free to get on with their jobs, creating and distributing content easily and at a time and place that suits them.

Case studies

Example legal, accounting, property and other firms using Passle already include:

Olswang – (autonomous vehicles)

Freshfields –

Grant Thornton – UK (Fraud Insolvency Division)

London Residential –

Insurance: Lloyds of London –

Pricing depends on the size of the company and the number for users but starts at around £1,800 pa.

Further information available at

Jenna Peaty – Sales Director

M: +44 (0)7947 798 300