September 22, 2010|Kim's Blog|

I usually reserve this blog to write about work related issues but I am making an exception.

Earlier this week a senior partner at a firm I work with calmly and without drama announced that a close family member was attending tests for a life threatening condition the next day. We were all taken completely by surprise – both at the shock of the awful announcement and the composure of the partner.

He sent a short email subsequently to say that whilst it was not the immediately life threatening condition feared, it was degenerative and life limiting. We were all humbled by the way he accepted with good grace the awful prognosis and thanked us for our support.

It just made me want to remind everyone that whilst careers, work, money, deals. projects and markets are important – actually, facing the prospect of premature death puts it all in perspective.

So take some time out NOW to be with your loved ones. For they, ultimately, are what it is really all about. And sacrifice, please, a few of those potentially billable hours to enjoy some of the simple pleasures we often miss each day just in case life rudely and cruelly interrupts.