Seven insights into client care and service excellence

Posted on: October 4, 2015

Last week I facilitated a CLT seminar on “Client care, client service and client retention” Whilst we covered a lot of material relating to understanding commercial and consumer client needs, engaging everyone in responding appropriately at all touch points and best practice in day-to-day service delivery, client care and relationship management, there were a few […]

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Psychology, neuroscience and client engagement

Posted on: May 17, 2015

At the Law South 2015 conference last week, I presented a paper that explored some of the latest developments in psychology, neuroscience and client engagement that might help support people in achieving extraordinary client engagement. I can’t cover all the content on I presented psychology, neuroscience and client engagement, but here are some of the most […]

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Book Review: “The small big – small changes that spark big influence” by Steve J Martin, Noah J Goldstein and Robert B Cialdini (persuasion science)

Posted on: November 20, 2014

As a psychologist and a salesperson I was blown away when I first read Cialdini’s great book on the psychology of persuasion (was that really over 10 years ago?). There’s a summary of the six principles below. His work features in many of my influence, persuasive writing and buy-in training workshops. I had already booked […]

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Digital PR case study – BDO accountants “Service2020: Megatrends for the decade ahead” and local government social media campaign

Posted on: April 15, 2013

Allan Evans is global head of clients and markets at BDO accountants and in the UK leads a team of more than 60 people. Prior to joining BDO, Allan was the sales and marketing director for PricewaterhouseCoopers and before that he worked at Abbey Life, Lloyds TSB, Friends Provident and AMP. I originally arranged to […]

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Modern manners and the new “professionalism” – Reliability or flexibility?

Posted on: March 7, 2013

Imagine the situation. You have committed to meet someone to discuss a potentially valuable initiative. It is likely that the person you are meeting has arranged their diary to fit your meeting into their busy schedule. You are very busy with a variety of client and internal projects. Do you honour your commitment and proceed […]

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